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Editorial Team Info

We strive to maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity across every piece of content we publish. 

Our editors and content lead work in a system with defined layers of checks and balances. 

Ensures that all information passes through multiple sets of eyes and that readers get the best of the entertainment world in an unbiased and unadulterated form.

We have sources in various parts of the globe who bring accurate and credible stories and teams that matter. 

Our journalists work closely with our content management and editorial teams for every story they put out.

All headlines, beats, and story angles are pre-approved and then assigned to seasoned journalists for reporting.


  1. Our content team validates the authenticity of content or headline before delegating it to a journalist.
  2. The journalist submits the first draft of the post.
  3. An editorial team member does a thorough fact-check and clean-up, and the story is sent back to the journalist if any significant changes are required.
  4. The journalist submits the second draft of the content with the corrections made.
  5. A second editor takes up and conducts further hygiene checks.
  6. The story is published if it meets editorial standards.
  7. The published report is reviewed by a member of the Content Improvement Team to iron out any errors the first two editors may have missed.
  8. The editorial and content management teams jointly conduct a fortnightly audit of published stories.

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