KitKat Joins Esports World Cup to Promote Gaming Breaks

KitKat Joins Esports World Cup to Promote Gaming Breaks

KitKat partners with Esports World Cup to promote gaming breaks and mental well-being. Discover their initiatives and event highlights.

KitKat – Esports World Cup

In a significant move, KitKat has partnered with the upcoming Esports World Cup to promote the importance of taking breaks during gaming sessions.

The event will be held from July 4th to August 25th, 2024, and will feature games like League of Legends, Street Fighter 6, and EA Sports FC 24.

KitKat will have a booth at the event, offering various products to attendees.

This partnership aligns with KitKat’s history in esports, including renewed deals with Riot Games’ LEC and EMEA Masters tournaments and the esports organization GIANTX.

The Esports Awards will take place on August 24th during the World Cup, celebrating top talents in the industry.

Robert Helou, CEO of Nestlé KSA, stated:

“This partnership enables us to connect with the next generation of gaming enthusiasts and emphasizes the importance of mental well-being in competitive gaming.”

Despite some controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabian government-funded Esports World Cup Foundation, the event promises to be a landmark occasion in the esports calendar.

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