Sarah Kopit Highlights Generation X's Shift to Solo and Group Travel Adventures

Sarah Kopit Highlights Generation X’s Shift to Solo and Group Travel Adventures

Explore why Generation X embraces solo travel for self-discovery and adventure and its impact on travel behavior.

Generation X Embraces Solo Travel for Adventure and Self-Discovery

Generation X is trading in family vacations for solo and group travel experiences as their nests empty.

A report by Morning Consult reveals a significant shift: 60% of Gen Xers are vacationing alone to seek escape and adventure, outpacing other generations. The decline in trips with children under 18 from 28% to 17% underscores this new trend.

Sarah Kopit, editor-in-chief at Skift, notes the uptick in solo adventures, particularly among women who no longer wait for companions to explore the world.

Many echoed the empowerment derived from solo travel, with personal anecdotes highlighting the joys of self-discovery and the challenge of stepping out of comfort zones.

In a world still adjusting to post-pandemic norms, solo travel offers a unique opportunity for relaxation and personal growth.

It encourages individuals to learn the art of being alone and forge new connections.

This shift in travel behavior reflects a broader desire for meaningful, liberating experiences that cater to personal interests and schedules.

The Rise of Solo Travel Among Generation X

Solo travel is becoming a defining characteristic of Generation X.

With their children growing up, many in this age group are seizing the chance to redefine their travel experiences.

This trend is not just about visiting new places but about finding oneself and experiencing the world from a fresh perspective.

Women Leading the Charge

Women, in particular, are leading this movement.

Sarah Kopit emphasizes that women are increasingly confident in embarking on solo journeys.

This confidence significantly shifted from past travel norms, where companionship was often necessary.

The stories of these women reflect a powerful narrative of empowerment and self-reliance.

Personal Growth and New Connections

Traveling solo allows individuals to leave their comfort zones, face new challenges, and grow personally.

Many Gen Xers share that these experiences have been transformative, offering them a chance to reconnect with themselves and discover new facets of their personalities.

Moreover, solo travel fosters opportunities to meet new people and form meaningful connections that might not happen when traveling with familiar companions.

Post-Pandemic Travel Norms

The post-pandemic world has changed how people view travel.

For many, solo travel provides a perfect balance of safety and adventure.

It allows travelers to maintain social distancing while still exploring new places.

The trend towards solo and group travel experiences reflects a broader shift in societal norms, emphasizing personal well-being and mental health.


The rise in solo travel among Generation X highlights a significant shift in travel preferences.

As more individuals seek personal growth, adventure, and meaningful experiences, solo travel becomes appealing.

With influencers like Sarah Kopit shedding light on this trend, it is clear that Generation X is redefining what it means to explore the world.

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