Texas man charged with kidnapping, suspected murder of missing girlfriend

Texas man charged with kidnapping, suspected murder of missing girlfriend

Texas – Ocastor Ferguson, 32, was accused of kidnapping 33-year-old Kayla Kelley, who was reported missing on January 11th.

According to local authorities and news, Kelley had threatened to tell Ferguson’s wife about his affair with her.

Investigations led to the discovery of a woman’s body in a field in Grand Prairie, less than a mile from Ferguson’s home.

The medical examiner is currently working to identify the remains.

Kelley, who lived in Collin County, had been dating a man named Kevin Brown after they met online last year.

However, she later learned that the man she was dating was Ferguson and that he had been living a double life, using a fake name and story with her throughout their relationship.

Kelley had recently threatened to tell Ferguson’s wife about their relationship and his lies, according to text messages exchanged by the couple, an arrest affidavit obtained by the outlet states.

Ferguson admitted his deception and relationship with Kelley to investigators but said he did not know what had happened to her since she went missing.

According to the affidavit, Kelley’s car was found “burned beyond recognition” in a remote area of Frisco a day after her friends reported her missing.

Ferguson’s phone records showed that he had traveled to the area where the burnt-out car was found, and his car was found near his girlfriend’s home.

He was arrested on arson and kidnapping charges and is held behind bars on a $1 million bond bail.

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