A Fond Farewell to the Peter Mullin Automotive Museum

A Fond Farewell to the Peter Mullin Automotive Museum

Say goodbye to the iconic Mullin Automotive Museum, a haven of Art Deco and classic cars, as it closes its doors, marking the end of an era.

An Iconic Chapter Closes in California

It is a bittersweet moment for car lovers in California and beyond. 

The Mullin Automotive Museum, a beloved gem in the automotive world, is closing its doors for good. 

This news comes after the sad passing of its founder, Peter Mullin, last September in Los Angeles

The museum, which Peter and his wife Merle lovingly nurtured for over a decade, will bid its final goodbye on February 10.

Remembering Peter Mullin’s Dream

Peter and Merle Mullin opened the museum in 2010, driven by a passion to share the beauty and innovation of 20th-century French automotive design. 

For 14 years, they welcomed curious visitors eager to marvel at the exquisite collection of Art Deco cars, art, and furniture.

A Treasure Trove of Automotive History

The museum is nothing short of a treasure trove. 

It is home to some of the most stunning cars you have ever seen, including coach-built coupes, legendary Le Mans winners, and elegant touring cars from Talbot-LagoDelahaye, and Bugatti

The crown jewel? 

A breathtaking 1935 Voisin C 25 Aerodyne stole the show at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

More Than Just a Car Collection

The Mullin Automotive Museum is not just about cars. 

It is a sprawling 47,000-square-meter haven with a rooftop garden, a theatre, a gift shop, and a treasure of archival storage. 

The building has a story previously owned by the famed newspaper publisher Otis Chandler.

A Limited Window to Experience the Magic

If you have not had the chance to visit, now is the time. 

The museum is open on a limited basis until it closes. 

It is a unique opportunity to soak in the beauty and history of these incredible machines one last time.

Iconic Cars on a New Journey

In a heartfelt gesture, four iconic cars from the collection are finding a new home at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. 

This includes the mesmerizing 1937 Talbot-Lago T150 CS “Teardrop” and the elegant 1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet

This move is especially poignant considering Peter Mullin’s deep connection with the Petersen Museum.

Saying Goodbye with Gratitude

Merle Mullin, now at the helm, invites longtime fans and new visitors to come and say their farewells. 

She expresses deep gratitude to everyone who has been part of this journey, especially during these last challenging months.

Plan Your Visit

You can grab your tickets from the museum’s website for those planning a visit. 

They have all the details on opening times and ticket prices – $16 for adults and $10 for kids. 

Can you miss it in person? 

Check out their social media pages for a virtual peek at the stunning displays.

As the Mullin Automotive Museum’s curtains close, we are reminded of Peter Mullin’s vision’s enduring legacy. 

It is more than just a collection of cars; it is a celebration of history, design, and the sheer joy of automotive art.

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