LEAP into New Worlds – Kellanova and the AI Revolution

LEAP into New Worlds – Kellanova and the AI Revolution

Join us in witnessing the incredible business and marketing transformation with AI, led by our visionary CTO, Ramesh Kollepara. Embrace the limitless potential of the AI-driven future!


Chicago: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming integral to our daily lives, transforming how businesses operate and interact with customers.

From personalized recommendations to automated customer service, AI is reshaping various industries.

Google predicts that by 2030, 80% of marketing will rely on AI. This transformation is not just a future trend; it is already happening.

Companies that embrace AI today are setting the stage to outshine their competitors.

However, less than 35% of businesses currently use AI, and 80% of AI projects fail.

So, why are not more companies tapping into this potential?

At Kellanova, formerly the Kellogg Company, fundamental principles have been integrated into AI initiatives, leading to significant business impacts.

It is not about competing with AI but with other marketers using AI.

While some AI marketing tools are game-changers, the real advantage comes from how these tools are used to stand out.

Kellanova differentiates itself by putting people first and considering how AI will reshape consumers’ and shoppers’ experiences and expectations. A

I is seen as a tool, not a magic solution, so the company starts with apparent problems and specific business goals. Investing in building the team’s capabilities to leverage AI effectively has been crucial.

AI efforts yield results, driving real business value through various initiatives.

For instance, starting with a simulation dashboard for forecasting growth and scenario simulation has empowered teams to experiment before moving on to more sophisticated predictive tools.

Media optimization has revealed insights that traditional methods could not provide, leading to better ROI and tangible business value.

By merging data sets and using advanced techniques, Kellanova has identified receptive audiences and created custom, impactful messaging.

Kellanova is committed to being a data-driven organization, using advanced analytics to transform consumer and shopper understanding. A few years ago, the potential of AI to revolutionize marketing was recognized.

Today, AI is a strategic enabler helping Kellanova become the best global snacking company.

Benefits of AI in marketing include personalization at scale, enhanced consumer engagement, and optimized campaign performance.

Earlier this year, Chief Technology Officer Ramesh Kollepara attended LEAP 2024, the world’s largest technology conference, in Saudi Arabia.

The event brought together top technological minds globally, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and forging connections, reinforcing the belief in technology’s power to drive positive change.

To succeed with AI, Kellanova focuses on equipping the workforce through the YODA (Year of Development Always) education program, which helps IT colleagues gain technical, soft, and industry-specific skills.

AI guardrails have been implemented, establishing a framework to guide AI projects.

This includes starting with a business-backed problem, converting it into a data problem, and ensuring proper governance.

Embracing a test-and-learn culture, recognizing that only about 15% of AI projects succeed initially, is critical to unlocking growth opportunities.

As Kellanova continues its digital journey, the company remains committed to using technology as a catalyst for inclusion, innovation, and business success.

With AI, Kellanova is reimagining every aspect of the business, from supply chain efficiencies to e-commerce optimization.

The “Kuriosity Clinics” have engaged nearly 6,000 colleagues, fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation.

As Kellanova leaps into the future, AI will continue to reshape strategies and operations, driving growth and delighting consumers.

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