Kanye West in Hot Water Over His Big Home Plans!

Kanye West in Hot Water Over His Big Home Plans!

From bomb shelter homes to courtroom dramas, catch all the buzz on Kanye West’s newest adventure in home renovation. Stay tuned for the juiciest details!

Hey everyone! 

So, we have got some fresh and spicy news coming in from the world of celebrities. 

Who is it about this time? 

Yep, you guessed it right, it is none other than the one and only Kanye West. 

So, buckle up because we are about to dive deep into the latest scoop!

What is the Buzz?

All right, here is the tea. 

Kanye has this massive $57 million house in Malibu, California. 

You know how Kanye is always full of surprises, right? 

Well, this time, he has got this unusual idea in his mind. 

He wants to change his grand house into a home that looks like a bomb shelter from the 1910s. 

Yes, you heard it right!

Tony Saxon Steps in

However, here comes the twist in the tale. 

Tony Saxon, who was in charge of making Kanye’s dream come true, is unhappy. 

Tony has taken a big step and is suing Kanye. 

Why, you ask? 

Because he was worried that Kanye’s big plan was too dangerous, Tony shared that working with Kanye took work. 

He was even told to work long 16-hour days but only got paid for a week.

A House Without Windows? Really?

Let us talk about this unusual house plan. 

The idea was to remove all the windows and not have any electricity in the house. 

Instead, Kanye wanted to bring in big generators for power. 

However, Tony was not having it. 

He said no to the idea because it was just too risky. 

Moreover, that upset Kanye; Kanye even told Tony he would be his “enemy” if he did not do as he was told. 

Can you imagine?

Neighbors Have not Seen a Soul

Meanwhile, people living near Kanye’s big Malibu house said they had not seen anyone there for a long time. 

The house is just sitting there, waiting for what will happen next. 

Moreover, remember, this is not Kanye’s only house; he has more fancy places in other parts of the country, too!

Kanye’s Life in Italy

While all this drama unfolds in the US, Kanye chills in Italy with his wife, Bianca Censori. 

They have been catching everyone’s eye with their bold fashion choices and actions. 

They enjoy their time without worrying too much about what is happening in Malibu.

What is Next?

We are all on the edge of our seats, curious to discover what will happen with Kanye’s big home renovation plan.

Will he be able to turn his house into a 1910s bomb shelter, or will he have to give up on his dream? 

Only time will tell!

Stay tuned, and watch this space for all the latest updates on this spicy story!

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