McDonald's Brings Back the Iconic Boo Buckets Just in Time for Halloween

McDonald’s Brings Back the Iconic “Boo Buckets” Just in Time for Halloween

Discover the charm of Halloween at McDonald’s with the nostalgic return of Boo Buckets in Happy Meals. Experience the delightful, limited-edition designs: monster, skeleton, mummy, and vampire, and join in the spooky season festivities!

Return of a Spooky Favorite

After an eerily silent period, McDonald’s has triumphantly unveiled the return of their iconic “Boo Buckets.” This 2023 Halloween season, the fast-food giant is offering four delightful variations of Boo Buckets in its Happy Meals—each design invoking the cheerful spirit of Halloween with themes like a monster, a skeleton, a mummy, and a vampire.

“Let us be honest… spooky szn is not official until Boo Buckets are back at McDonald’s,” an official statement from the Chicago-based fast-food magnate expressed the excitement buzzing around the reintroduction of these popular Halloween treats.

Vintage Charm with a Fresh Spin

The Boo Buckets, a nostalgic Halloween staple first introduced in 1986, had mysteriously disappeared from the Happy Meal scene for a significant period. Making a grand reappearance, three nostalgic bucket designs were resurrected in 2022 on October 18th, bringing back the vintage charm that had been adored for years.

This year, McDonald’s has added a splash of vibrancy with the buckets available in four distinct colors: orange, white, purple, and green. A highlight among them is the purple vampire Boo Bucket, making a comeback in a captivating avatar, “launching for the first time since the OG purple Boo Bucket.”

Limited Availability for Maximum Excitement

The officials have announced that these enchanting Boo Buckets will be available for grabs in 2023 “while supplies last,” ensuring an exclusive and exciting experience for fans who can avail of these buckets as part of their Happy Meals at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from October 17th.

Rivalry in the Air: Burger King Joins the Festivities

Not to be left behind in the Halloween festivities, McDonald’s rival Burger King announced a thrilling entry into the Halloween bucket arena. A spooky Halloween bucket from Burger King is set to grace select markets for a limited period. Destined to spur excitement, these Burger King Buckets will be unleashed in stores across Nashville, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Atlanta starting October 13th.


In conclusion, the resurgence of the Boo Buckets will surely make this Halloween season memorable for Happy Meal enthusiasts, fostering a festive atmosphere brimming with nostalgia and joy.

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