Let's Chat About the Metaverse A Future Beyond Reality

Let’s Chat About the Metaverse: A Future Beyond Reality

Dive into the metaverse with insights from experts Rob Nelson and Jordan Edelson as they explore the crossroads of reality and the virtual world. 

Hey everyone!

So, I recently came across this super interesting chat between Rob Nelson and Jordan Edelson, the big brain behind the AI-powered finance hub TradeZing. 

They sat down to unpack this huge buzzword that’s been going around – the “metaverse.” Let us dive into what they had to say.

Once Upon a Time in the Metaverse

Before we get all techy, Nelson set the stage with a story. 

He brought up this old but gold book called “Snow Crash” by Neil Stephenson. 

Imagine, this book written thirty years ago already talked about this whole metaverse thing! It discussed a world where the virtual and the real mix and match.

Nelson asked a big question, wondering if we were heading into a mixed version of our reality, just like in the book. Yeah, it got me thinking too!

Augmented Reality to the Rescue

Okay, so moving on, Edelson jumped in with his thoughts on how we might get to this metaverse. 

He is betting on augmented reality (AR) as the first step. 

It is like adding digital stuff to our real world, less crazy than virtual reality (VR), which is like being in a different world.

Edelson is guessing many of us will prefer AR because it is less heavy. 

There is no need for those huge VR helmets, just some cool glasses or contact lenses! A more comfy and easy way to step into the future.

Gaming: The New Frontier

Here is where things got spicy! They started talking about these new types of games called Web3 games. 

Now, these are games on an open platform where anyone can jump in. 

Nelson was curious to find out if Edelson was planning to bring these games to TradeZing.

Edelson played it cool, giving nothing away but leaving us with a teasing “Never say never.” Who knows what is cooking, right?

What Lies Ahead?

So, after all that chit-chat, I am sitting here all buzzed about this whole metaverse thing. 

We are on the brink of stepping into a world where the lines between the real and the virtual are about to get super blurry in a cool way.

I wonder, just like Nelson and Edelson, about the exciting paths technology might take us down soon. 

It is like we are all standing at the doorstep of a new world.

Well, that was a lot to take in! What do you guys think about this whole metaverse business? 

Are you team AR or team VR? 

Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and let us chat!

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