Norman and Kathleen's Big Adventure Age is Just a Number!

Norman and Kathleen’s Big Adventure: Age is Just a Number!

Discover the inspiring journey of Norman and Kathleen as they travel the world at 70, embracing new experiences without breaking the bank. Age is just a number!

Hey there, travel enthusiasts! Let us share the exciting story of Norman Bour and Kathleen Plumley, a couple proving to everyone that age is just a number for adventures. 

Please grab a cup of tea, settle down, and let us dive into their incredible journey!

From First Timid Steps to Bold Adventures

In 2013, Norman, then aged 62, took his first trip outside of the US. 

Can you imagine? 

It was a business trip to Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Prague.

Despite the initial fear, he was bowled over by the freedom and excitement of traveling. 

He thought, “Hey, I can do this too!” And guess what? He quoted, “Regardless of your age, you are not too old to travel.”

Norman and Kathleen Become World Nomads

Fast forward a few years, and Norman and Kathleen have become full-on travel junkies. 

In 2019, they packed their bags, saying goodbye to their home in California and hello to the wide, wide world with just $10,000 in their pockets. 

Amazingly, they swapped their routine life for one full of adventure and new experiences.

House-Sitting: A Cool Trick to Save on Lodging

Now, here is a tip for all you budget travelers out there. 

In 2022, Norman stumbled upon a cool way to save on accommodation – house-sitting. 

Yeah, you heard it right! 

Through a platform called Trusted Housesitters, he got to stay in people’s homes, taking care of their plants and pets while they were away, all for free! 

Moreover, he managed to save a whole bunch of dollars doing this. That was a smart move.

Living the Good Life on a Shoestring Budget

These two are seriously giving us major goals! 

You will not believe how they managed to find joy in the simple things life offers. 

Instead of chasing material comforts, they chose experiences over possessions, savoring the local flavors and soaking in the cultures of different places.

Adventure on Two Wheels

Guess what is the most thrilling part of their journey so far? 

In 2022, they toured six different Balkan countries and waited for it on a motorcycle! 

Over 87 days, they traveled 3,600 miles, spending just about $100 a day. 

Sounds like a blockbuster road movie.

Facing Fears Head-On

You might wonder, “What about health issues at this age?” 

Well, Norman and Kathleen have got it all figured out. 

Despite the common fears older people might have about health when traveling, they have found that healthcare is much more affordable in many places outside the US.

So they kept traveling, living their dream, and facing fears head-on!

Words of Wisdom

Here is a nugget of wisdom from Norman β€” do not let fear stop you from doing what you love. 

Inspired by his brave mom, a Holocaust survivor, he chose fun, excitement, and adventure over fear. 

And Kathleen agrees! They believe that life is too short not to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

The Golden Advice

I saved the best for the last, folks. Norman shared, “I would rather go out with a bang than a whimper.” 

That pretty much sums up their spirit. It is a shout-out to everyone, telling us to grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest, no matter our age.

So there you have it, the inspiring tale of Norman and Kathleen, teaching us that it is always possible to start an adventure. 

Take a page from their book and remember to live, explore, and enjoy life’s beautiful journey.

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