Hey Ohio, Your College Rankings for 2023-2024 Are Here!

Hey Ohio, Your College Rankings for 2023-2024 Are Here!

Get the lowdown on Ohio’s top colleges in 2023-2024 according to the U.S. News & World Report rankings. See who leads in national and regional categories.

Hey, fellow Ohioans, the time has come again! 

The U.S. News & World Report has dropped the latest rankings for our colleges and universities for the academic year 2023-2024. 

Grab a seat because we will dive deep into who topped the charts and who made a significant jump from last year!

So, Who is the Cream of the Crop this Year?

If you are a Buckeye, it is time to puff out your chest because Ohio State has just nudged past Case Western Reserve to be the best university in our lovely state. 

Ohio State jumped from the 49th to the 43rd place on the national list! 

Meanwhile, Case Western Reserve is sitting at 53rd, not too far behind.

Who is leading the entire nation? 

Yep, it is Princeton University, with MIT and Harvard following closely. 

Quite the impressive trio at the top, right?

How Did Our Public and Private Universities Fare?

Let us discuss how our public and private universities did in these rankings. 

Ohio State won big in the state and is the 18th-best public university in the country! 

Conversely, Case Western Reserve bagged the 31st position among private schools nationwide. 

Not too shabby!

The Secret Sauce Behind the Rankings

How does U.S. News & World Report come up with these rankings? 

They have a pretty solid method involving 19 factors, including how many students graduate, how much debt they have when they graduate, and what other experts think of the college. 

Moreover, this year, they have also started looking at how good colleges are at helping people move up the social ladder. Quite cool.

Ohio’s Stars in the National and Regional Spotlight

Let us shine a light on other universities in Ohio that made us proud on the national stage:

  • Miami University and the University of Dayton both tied for the 133rd place.
  • The University of Cincinnati came in at 142.

Do not worry; we have not forgotten about our regional champs:

  • John Carroll University stood strong at 3rd in the Midwest among regional universities.
  • Baldwin Wallace University was behind, tied for sixth place.
  • Ohio Northern University clinched the second spot in the Midwest among regional colleges.

Our Liberal Arts Gems

Liberal arts colleges are the hidden gems of our state. 

Kenyon and Denison Universities tied for an impressive 39th place nationally this year. 

Moreover, despite dropping a bit from last year, we must recognize Ohio Wesleyan University, which is still a force at 116th nationally.

Wrapping it Up

So, there you have it, folks! Our colleges and universities have done a stellar job, making us proud in the national and regional categories. 

Whether you are a student pondering your future university or just someone keen to know how our educational institutes are faring, it is clear we have a lot to celebrate!

Moreover, here is to all our colleges and universities in Ohio – we are super proud of you and cannot wait to see what heights you will reach next year! 

Keep shining and keep soaring!

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