President Joe Biden Orders Destruction of Mysterious Flying Object in Alaska

President Joe Biden Orders Destruction of Mysterious Flying Object in Alaska

President Joe Biden ordered the destruction of a mysterious flying object in Alaska on Friday.

The flying object had violated U.S. airspace and was flying at the altitude of a civilian airliner.

An F-22 destroyed the object over the Arctic Ocean near Alaska.

However, the Pentagon could not provide details about the object, including its purpose or origin.

Another flying object was detected over Alaska later that same night.

Two American F-22s and two Canadian aircraft tracked the object.

Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the importance of recovering the object, and it was later destroyed by a U.S. F-22 using an air-to-air missile.

Canadian Minister of Defense Anita Anand stated that the object was similar to a Chinese surveillance balloon shot down earlier in February but smaller in size and cylindrical.

The recent incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena have sparked theories in Washington about their origin, including foreign powers, weather balloons, or other airborne clutter.

As a result, intelligence agencies are set to deliver a classified document to Congress updating a 2021 report on unexplained flying objects.

Representatives Mike Turner and Jim Himes discussed the importance of defending U.S. airspace on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The FAA temporarily shut down airspace in central Montana after the military detected something unusual on the radar.

The cause of the radar anomaly remains unknown.

The recent incidents have raised questions about interpreting information from radars and sensors.

A U.S. official stated that filters were opened to broaden the parameters of what can be searched and that more flying objects are likely to be detected.

However, the official cautioned that the reason behind the recent incursions is still unknown and could be part of a deliberate action by an unknown country or adversary.

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