Sheree Murphy Advocates for a Change in UK Soap Opera Airing Patterns

Sheree Murphy Advocates for a Change in UK Soap Opera Airing Patterns

Sheree Murphy advocates for a change in UK soap opera airing schedules, suggesting segmented episodes for better viewer experience.

Sheree Murphy

Sheree Murphy
Sheree Murphy

In a recent revelation, Sheree Murphy, the renowned actress, expressed her belief that UK soap operas should reconsider their continuous airing schedules. 

The 48-year-old actress celebrated as Tricia Dingle in ITV1’s ‘Emmerdale’ suggests that UK serials should adopt a more segmented approach, similar to the new Australian soap ‘Neighbours’ format.

From Evergreen Airing to Binge-Watching

Sheree Murphy
Sheree Murphy

Murphy, who also briefly played Dakota Davies in ‘Neighbours,’ opined that the UK should move away from the traditional evergreen airing pattern. 

Instead, she believes that broadcasting in separate batches of episodes would provide viewers with a much-needed respite.

Speaking on the ‘Soap from the Box’ podcast, Murphy shared:

“It is such a good idea, and it would be very interesting to see if our soaps do the same thing. Many prefer to binge-watch a series, take a short break, and eagerly await the next series. This format allows storylines to evolve without the audience witnessing every detail. Flashbacks can fill in the gaps. It is a flexible approach and a brilliant idea.”

She added that this approach could appeal to a diverse range of actors, emphasizing, “It is such a good idea.”

A Glimpse into Murphy’s Journey

Sheree Murphy
Sheree Murphy

The actress, who once participated in ‘I am A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ is married to the Australian football coach, Harry Kewell. The couple shares four children: Taylor, Ruby, Matilda, and Dolly.

Murphy’s stint as businesswoman Dakota in ‘Neighbours’ spanned 13 episodes. 

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She reminisced about an offer she had to decline from the show due to her pregnancy. 

However, upon her return to Australia, she was presented with a different character, which she enthusiastically accepted.

She fondly recalled her experience, saying, “It was a pinch-me moment standing in Lassiters kissing Paul Robinson and smacking him round the face. Being a part of such an iconic show felt like a true honor.”

Murphy described her visit to the ‘Neighbours’ set: “It was really surreal. I have been part of two UK soaps, and the experience was similar. The crew and cast were wonderful, and I truly cherished my time on the show.”

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