airport evacuated to allow accused murderer Bryan Kohberger to use facilities

Airport evacuated to allow accused murderer Bryan Kohberger to use facilities

According to a report, an entire Illinois airport was evacuated Wednesday to allow accused quadruple killer Bryan Kohberger to use the facilities. 

Bryan Kohberger, clad in a red jumpsuit and accompanied by at least three armed officers, was being extradited to MoscowIdaho, to face charges in the November 13 murders of University of Idaho students Kaylee GoncalvesMadison MogenXana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin.

Kohberger, a former criminology doctoral student at Washington State University Pullman, was arrested last week at his parent’s home in Pennsylvania after driving cross-country from his Pullman home with his father. 

Kohberger’s white Hyundai has become a key focus of the murder investigation, and the two were pulled over twice by law enforcement but released with verbal warnings.

Eyewitnesses reported that the airport was evacuated, and employees were asked to leave the building during the lockdown, which lasted until Kohberger re-boarded his private jet, 2015 fixed-wing single-engine Pilatus owned by the Pennsylvania State Police

The jet was being refueled while Kohberger was inside the empty building.

It is unclear why the airport was evacuated for Kohberger to use the facilities, but the suspect is currently bound in shackles and under heavy guard. 

More details on the case and Kohberger’s alleged involvement are expected to be revealed when he makes his first court appearance in Idaho.

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