Apex Group Ltd Celebrates Achievements in Marketing and Communications

Apex Group Ltd Celebrates Achievements in Marketing and Communications

London-based company, Apex Group Ltd, is proud to announce the achievements of their Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Rosie Guest. 

Rosie has been named a finalist for the prestigious ‘Marketing Leader of the Year‘ award by Investment Week. 

This recognition is a testament to her outstanding work and dedication in marketing.

The remarkable achievement of Rosie Guest will be celebrated at the upcoming Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023, which will take place in July. 

This event brings together professionals from the investment industry to recognize and honor the best marketing and communication initiatives.

In addition to Rosie’s nomination, Apex Group Ltd Group Marketing & Communications team has also received recognition for their exceptional efforts. 

They have been nominated for the ‘Best Response to Change’ award, highlighting their ability to adapt and excel in facing challenges.

The team’s nomination is a result of their outstanding campaigns, which have successfully cut through the noise and significantly impacted the market. 

Despite the difficult market conditions in 2022, the Apex Group Ltd Marketing & Communications team has consistently delivered exceptional work.

Apex Group Ltd takes great pride in its team’s accomplishments and is grateful for their recognition. 

The company remains committed to delivering innovative and effective marketing strategies, further strengthening its position in the industry.

As the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023 draws near, the entire team at Apex Group Ltd eagerly awaits the opportunity to celebrate these achievements. 

The company looks forward to continuing its successful journey in marketing and communications, contributing to the growth and success of its clients and the industry.

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