California Pest Control Makes Surprising Discovery

California Pest Control Makes Surprising Discovery

California – A California pest control expert, Nick Castro, made a surprising discovery recently.

Nick, who has been in the pest control business for over 20 years, was called to a house to deal with a woodpecker causing damage to the siding.

A never-ending stream started pouring out when he cut into the wall to remove the acorns.

The acorns filled eight large rubbish bags and weighed around 700 pounds.

According to Nick, the bird had stored acorns all over the house, creating clear holes everywhere.

The bird had even put acorns through the chimney stack and the attic ventilation port holes.

The acorns were piled into the attic from the lower floor to about 20 feet.

Nick’s company, Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, handles all animals humanely and never euthanizes them.

In this case, the woodpecker was left alone, and the homeowners patched the holes outside the house.

It was hoped that adding new vinyl siding would encourage the bird to find a new place to store its food, which would ultimately be best for the bird.

Nick was stunned by this incredible discovery and stated that he had never seen anything like it.

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