Why doesn't Donald Trump use Twitter despite being permitted to use it?

Why doesn’t Donald Trump use Twitter despite being permitted to use it?

It is unclear why former President Donald Trump has yet to return to Twitter since being allowed to do so. 

Donald Trump

Trump was permanently banned from Twitter in January 2021 for inciting violence and spreading misinformation about the 2020 presidential election.

In May 2021, a Twitter spokesperson announced that Trump’s account would remain suspended even if he were to run for office again.

Trump may have chosen not to return to Twitter due to the controversy surrounding his previous use of the platform. 

He may also use other social media platforms or communicate through other channels, such as press releases or statements on his personal website.

One of the insiders in the Trumps team told THOUSIF Inc. – USA that:

Former President Donald Trump of the United States of America is not allowed to go back on Twitter, and He now owns Truth Social along with numerous other investors, and it is struggling. 

They are trying to unload it as we speak. However, they are trying to sell Truth Social to Digital World Acquisition, with whom they agree that Trump will continue to send his crazy messages on Truth Social. 

If he goes back to Twitter, that will lower the value of Truth Social & Digital World, rescind their offer, and his investors will pull out. 

If you pay attention, Trump is like a toddler going through the terrible twos. Even if he were not trying to sell Truth Social, he would not return because nobody told him he could. 

It is only fun to throw a tantrum when somebody tells you NO

Elon Musk is a lot richer than Trump, and Trump will do anything he can to reduce Musk’s net worth; going back would only help him!

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