Feeding San Diego Receives $25K Grant to Aid Military Families

Feeding San Diego Receives $25K Grant to Aid Military Families

Feeding San Diego gains $25K from the USS Midway Foundation to aid hunger relief for military families and veterans in San Diego.

The grant from the USS Midway Foundation Boosts Hunger Relief Efforts

Feeding San Diego, a renowned partner of the Feeding America network, recently received a substantial boost in its mission to support military families facing hunger. 

Thanks to a generous $25,000 Pillars of Freedom grant from the USS Midway Foundation, the organization will enhance its Feeding Heroes initiative to provide free, nutritious meals to low-income military families and veterans.

Feeding Heroes: A Beacon of Support for Military Community

The Feeding Heroes initiative stands as a cornerstone in the fight against hunger within the military community. 

It ensures the delivery of vital food aid to military families and veterans, many of whom struggle with food insecurity. 

This program is especially crucial in San Diego County, home to over 115,000 active-duty service members and 260,000 military dependents.

USS Midway Foundation’s Commitment to Military Families

Laura White, president of the USS Midway Foundation, emphasized the Foundation’s dedication to addressing the basic needs of military families. 

Praising Feeding San Diego’s impactful outreach, she highlighted the importance of collaboration in tackling food insecurity among military personnel and their families.

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Challenges Faced by Military Families

A significant segment of military families, particularly those in the lower ranks, grapple with financial challenges due to modest salaries, high unemployment rates among military spouses, and the steep cost of living near military bases. 

These factors contribute to food insecurity, making initiatives like Feeding Heroes vital.

Feeding Heroes: A Long-Standing Pillar of Support

Since its inception in 2018, the Feeding Heroes initiative has been pivotal in addressing hunger among military families. 

In 2020, 24% of active-duty military households nationwide experienced food insecurity. 

With its substantial veteran population, San Diego County bears a particular responsibility in this regard.

Many military families find themselves ineligible for public food assistance programs like CalFresh due to the inclusion of their housing allowances as income. 

This technicality often disqualifies them from federal food aid, underscoring the importance of alternative support avenues like Feeding Heroes.

Comprehensive Outreach Through Various Programs

Feeding San Diego’s approach encompasses multiple programs, including partnerships with local non-profits serving the military community, school pantry programs in schools with high military family enrollments, and fresh produce distribution across the county. 

This multifaceted strategy ensures a broader impact, reaching numerous families in need.

The $25,000 grant from the USS Midway Foundation to Feeding San Diego marks a significant step in bolstering the organization’s efforts to combat hunger among military families and veterans in San Diego County. 

With its comprehensive and targeted programs, Feeding Heroes continues to be a beacon of hope and support for those who serve the nation.

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