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Big Changes at Houston Schools: What is Going On with the New Education System?

Discover the latest updates on the New Education System in Houston schools and learn why it is causing a stir among teachers and students alike.

Hey, there folks,

I am sure many of you have heard about the ruckus at some Houston schools lately. 

It all boils down to some big changes that are happening with the way kids are being taught. 

Let us dig into what has been happening.

A Tough Choice for Teachers

So, last week, the person in charge of a bunch of schools in the central part of Houston, Luz Martinez, gathered teachers from two schools β€” Cage Elementary and Project Chrysalis Middle School β€” for an important talk. 

The main topic? A new way of teaching is called the “New Education System,” or NES for short.

Martinez was clear – the teachers had to use NES in their classes fully, or they would be moved to other schools that do not use this system. 

She said, “We are not going back. We are NES-aligned.”

What is This New Education System (NES)?

Now, you might be wondering what this NES thing is all about. 

Well, it is a new way of teaching that these schools started using recently. 

According to Martinez, the main goal is to improve things for the teachers and the students. 

However, not everyone is on board with this change, causing serious disagreements.

One Teacher Speaks Up

Here’s where things got heated. 

A teacher named Teresa ‘Reece’ Carr was not happy with how things were going and decided to speak up. 

She was worried because the new lessons had mistakes and forced teachers to rush through too quickly.

She said the kids were stressed out and crying because they could not keep up. 

Carr explained, “We are giving them something that’s not right and then blaming them when it does not work. It is not designed to set them up for success.”

Carr’s bold move to speak up did not go down well. 

She was asked to leave the meeting and later got a message saying she could not return to the school except to pick up her stuff. 

She might even lose her job over this.

Community to the Rescue

However, here is the heartwarming part β€” the community is not just standing by. 

Parents plan to come together and support the teachers by holding a rally early Monday morning. 

They want to stand with the teachers and show that they care about what is happening at the schools.

What Happens Now?

Things are tense right now. Many teachers are scared and upset but still want to stick around for the kids and the community they love.

We have folks like Carr who are sad to see the school, which used to be like a big family, turn into a place where everyone is just a number. 

She said it used to be a place where people cared for each other, and now it is not feeling that way.

So, we are all waiting to see what happens next.

It is a tough situation, and people have different ideas about what is best for the kids. We hope the grown-ups can figure this out and make the school a happy place for the kids again.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! 

Stay tuned for updates, and if you are in the area, show up on Monday morning to support the teachers and the community.

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