Migrants Create Chaos at Manhattan Hotel, Employee Claims

Migrants Create Chaos at Manhattan Hotel, Employee Claims

A Manhattan hotel has become a scene of violence, drugs, and sexual activity since it was converted to house migrants, according to an employee.

Felipe Rodriguez, who works at the Row NYC hotel, said that conditions at the hotel have become chaotic with no daily supervision.

He said that migrants have been disrespectful to employees, and the hotel has been overrun with drugs, alcohol, and violence.

The hotel is near the Watson Hotel, where asylum-seekers have been protesting their removal to new housing in Brooklyn.

Rodriguez said he was forced to go on disability after he was injured trying to deliver a refrigerator.

Over 43,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since spring, with 26,000 housed in hotels, according to Mayor Eric Adams’ office.

Adams has asked the White House for $1 billion in emergency aid for migrants and described the situation as a “disaster.”

The mayor had planned to tour the migrant housing in Brooklyn with President Biden, but the tour was canceled.

The housing, designed to house 1,000 people, has faced criticism from migrants for lack of heat, privacy, and location.

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