Nine Morgantown Teens Apprehended After Daring Escape from Abraxas Academy

Nine Morgantown Teens Apprehended After Daring Escape from Abraxas Academy

Nine teenagers break free from Abraxas Academy in Morgantown, only to be caught within 12 hours. Learn more about the dramatic escape and capture.

Hey, there everyone,

We are here to catch you on some surprising news from Morgantown, PA. 

Just a couple of days ago, a group of nine teens managed to slip away from a juvenile detention center. 

You will not believe how the whole thing unfolded! 

Let us dive into it.

An Escape That Seems Like a Movie Script

So, late one Sunday, these youngsters, who are just 15 to 17 years old, thought they could outsmart the staff at the Abraxas Academy. They managed to get the keys and then found a weak spot in the fence to crawl out from. Although Trooper David Beohm commented that their plan seemed “poorly planned,” the boys initially got away with it!

A Knock that Ended Half the Adventure

Fast forward to the early hours of Monday morning, four guys suddenly realized that freedom came with its own set of problems – like feeling cold and tired. So, guess what they did? They knocked on the door of a nearby house and turned themselves in. I can only imagine the homeowner’s surprise!

A Stolen Pickup Truck and a Chase

Here is where things get even more cinematic. The police got wind of a stolen pickup truck and trailer, and a high-speed chase ensued. This action-packed sequence ended with four more of the teens being nabbed. However, hold on, there was still one more out there. Trying to outrun the police on foot, the last teen did not get too far before being caught in a field. It was like a real-life action movie just miles from the detention center.

A Bit About the Abraxas Academy

If you are wondering what kind of place this Abraxas Academy is, it is a facility that takes care of young lads aged 14 to 18 who have gotten themselves in a small quantity of trouble with the law. The teenagers involved in this dramatic escape were there because they had faced serious charges, including possessing firearms and stealing cars.

What is Next for the Adventurous Teens?

Now that all nine of them are back in custody, they must answer for escaping and possibly for other charges. Their brief taste of freedom came with a pretty high price tag.

Another Escape that Had Us on the Edge of Our Seats

This incident might remind some of you of another recent escape saga involving an adult inmate named Danilo Souza Cavalcante. Danilo, who had a two-week head start, had everyone on high alert until he was caught on September 13. Thankfully, this time, the authorities caught the escapees much quicker, showing their preparedness and efficiency.

As we all take a moment to process this wild adventure story, we are left with many questions. How did the teens manage to escape so easily? Will the security at the Abraxas Academy be beefed up to prevent such incidents in the future? While we wait for answers, one thing is clear: these young individuals will have to face the consequences of their hasty decisions.

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