Police Cast Doubt on Woman's Abduction Story After 911 Call Carlee Russell Case

Police Cast Doubt on Woman’s Abduction Story After 911 Call: Carlee Russell Case

HOOVER – In a press conference held by the Hoover Police Department, officials released the 911 call made by Carlee Russell on the night of July 13. 

Russell, 25, had disappeared for two days after reporting a toddler wandering on the highway. 

Her return home on Saturday raised questions about her disappearance and the events that led to it.

Frantic 911 Call

The 911 call transcript reveals Carlee Russell’s concerned demeanor as she reported the presence of a child walking alone near Interstate 459. 

Here is how the conversation with the operator unfolded:

Russell: “Hi. I am on Interstate 459, and a kid is just walking alone.”

911: “Hold on…where…where are you?”

Russell: “Um, I am right next to exit, exit 10…”

911: “Okay, so you are before the exit?”

Russell: “Yes.”

911: “Okay, and are you heading southbound or northbound?”

Russell: “I am heading towards 280. Towards Tuscaloosa.”

911: “Okay, and was the child on the left or right side?”

Russell: “On the right side.”

911: “And were they walking northbound or southbound?”

Russell: “Uh, they are walking towards Tuscaloosa.”

911: “Okay, they are walking southbound; how old do they look?”

Russell: “Um, like a toddler. Uh, maybe like 3 or 4.”

Carlee Russell’s Abduction Claim

After Russell’s return, she told investigators she had been abducted and forced into a car on the day of her 911 call. 

However, the police have not been able to confirm the veracity of her account, casting doubts on the events she described.

Search Efforts and Speculation

Carlee Russell’s disappearance sparked an extensive search, and her return home prompted intense speculation about what could have happened during the two days she was missing. 

People were concerned for her safety and wanted to understand the circumstances surrounding the toddler she reported on the highway.

Police Investigation Continues

The police continue their investigation to uncover the truth behind Carlee Russell’s disappearance, and the events she claimed took place. 

They analyze any available evidence and witness statements to piece together the events of those two days.

Urging Caution and Cooperation

As the investigation unfolds, the authorities urge everyone to avoid jumping to conclusions. 

Cooperation from the public is crucial in such cases, and any relevant information could help shed light on the situation.


The case of Carlee Russell’s disappearance and the reported toddler on the highway remains under scrutiny as the police work diligently to establish the facts. 

As the investigation progresses, more details may come to light, providing answers to the questions surrounding this mysterious incident.

For now, the police are appealing to anyone with information related to this case to come forward and assist in their efforts to clarify the situation. 

Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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