Snow Alert Winter Storm Heads for NYC and Surrounding Areas

Snow Alert: Winter Storm Heads for NYC and Surrounding Areas

Upcoming winter storm to hit New York City and Tri-State area, disrupting Tuesday morning commute. Stay informed on snowfall, weather updates, and safety tips.

New Yorkers, Brace for Snow

The warm days take a short break as a winter storm aims directly at New York City and the Tri-State area, promising a tricky start to Tuesday morning. 

This storm could leave over 8 inches of snow in its wake, especially in places north and west of the city, snapping us out of our springtime daydream.

Alert Issued for Impending Storm

A winter storm watch is now in place for parts of the region, including northwestern New Jersey, northern Westchester County, and other northern suburbs. 

The storm, making its way from the south, means that even those not under the watch should monitor the weather. 

The biggest concern? The storm’s peak is expected to hit just as people start their morning commutes on Tuesday, prompting a special weather alert.

Enjoy One Last Mild Day

Sunday still feels like a mild gift with cloudy skies and temperatures unusually hitting the low 50s. 

However, Monday will see a shift, starting sunny but quickly turning cloudy and cooler—though still not cold enough for snow. 

That changes by Monday evening, as the rain starts to fall, gradually turning to snow after midnight, particularly further north and west of the city.

Travel Troubles on the Horizon

Tuesday morning’s commute looks tough, with the heaviest snowfall expected to blanket New York City around 6 a.m. Although the storm should pass by midday, it will leave behind a cold, windy Valentine’s Day.

How Much Snow to Expect

The amount of snow could vary greatly across the area. 

In the city, along with Long Island, coastal Connecticut, and the Jersey Shore, we might see a light dusting of up to 2 inches of snow—enough to complicate things. 

Move a bit north and west of the city, and the snow piles up quickly, with areas expecting 2-4 inches or even 4-8 inches in parts of northern Westchester County and beyond. 

The Catskills and northeastern Pennsylvania could see the heaviest accumulation, with more than 8 inches possible.

A Noteworthy Snowfall

Considering this winter has been relatively snow-free for New York City—with Central Park recording a mere 2.3 inches, which is low even by last year’s standards—any snow from this storm will be significant. 

It also marks the predicted return to colder weather as we reach mid-February. 

It seems winter is not quite finished with us yet.

Stay Prepared and Safe

Staying updated on the weather and preparing for potentially disruptive snowfall is crucial as the storm approaches. 

The expected quick accumulation could make Tuesday morning’s travel particularly challenging. 

With winter’s strength again, staying warm and safe is the priority.

The brief taste of spring is on pause as a winter storm targets the Tri-State area, especially for those commuting on Tuesday morning. 

As we reluctantly welcome back the cold, let us remember: winter’s last hurrah may be upon us.

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