Utah Father Murders Family, Leaves Disturbing Suicide Note Blaming Wife

Utah Father Michael Haight Murders Family, Leaves Disturbing Suicide Note Blaming Wife

Enoch, Utah – In a horrifying event that shook the small town of Enoch, Utah, a father murdered his wife, five children, and mother-in-law before taking his own life. 

Police have released the contents of a disturbing suicide note left by Michael Haight, 42, in which he blamed his wife for his actions and claimed he would rather “rot in hell” than endure another day of her “manipulation.”

Haight was under investigation for child abuse when he carried out the murders earlier this year. 

Michael Haight Family
Michael Haight Family

On January 4, responding officers entered the silent family home and discovered the gruesome scene. 

Newly released bodycam footage provides a chilling glimpse into the tragedy.

In the bizarre suicide note obtained by the Daily Mail, Haight portrayed himself as the victim and faulted his wife, Tausha, for pushing him to his breaking point. 

He wrote, “This is nonsense, and I cannot handle it for one more day. After that, we will not be a burden on society. I kept asking for help, and you would not listen.”

Haight took the lives of his daughters Macie, Briley, Sienna, and sons Ammon and Gavin, as well as his wife’s mother, Gail Early, 78. 

Tausha had been in the process of filing for divorce from Haight when the tragedy occurred.

Recent information from documents obtained by the Deseret News reveals that Haight had been investigated on suspicion of child abuse and had searched online for a “gunshot in a house” before the murders. 

Michael Haight Family
Michael Haight Family

In addition, caseworkers had visited the Haight home in Enoch on December 19, just two weeks before the shootings, to investigate an allegation against the family’s 7-year-old son, Ammon, whom Michael reportedly threw to the ground in anger.

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The couple’s oldest daughter had already been the subject of an abuse investigation 11 days prior. Tausha asked caseworkers not to interview her husband until she filed for divorce, which she did on December 21. 

She informed authorities that Haight had threatened suicide or “make her life hell” if she left him. 

However, caseworkers never interviewed Michael Haight.

Records from 2020 show that Haight had previously been investigated for child abuse, but police and prosecutors decided not to charge him. 

However, new documents detail numerous reports of abuse, including an incident in 2021 when Haight abruptly slammed on the brakes while driving on the highway, scaring the family and leaving red marks on their bodies from seat belts.

Michael Haight Family
Michael Haight Family

In another episode, Haight forcefully grabbed his oldest daughter Macie’s head and threw her into the hard part of the couch. 

Macie told caseworkers that her father would often tower over her and her siblings, getting close to intimidate them. 

“Dad jumps to react to anything he does not like,” Macie said, according to the records. “He yells a lot and wants to ensure they know he is right.”

The tragic incident has left the community of Enoch in shock, and questions remain as to how this horrifying event could have been prevented.

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