Bronx Grocery Store Cashier Brutally Attacked by Woman and Daughters

Bronx Grocery Store Cashier Brutally Attacked by Woman and Daughters

New York: A Bronx grocery store cashier was attacked by a woman and her adult daughters in a shocking video that has gone viral. 

The attack happened on Sunday afternoon at Food Universe in Fordham Manor. 

The victim, Libel Rodriguez Luna, 25, was battered and bruised. The attack happened after Luna, and the main assailant argued over cashing in recyclable bottles a week earlier. 

Luna said she had encountered the assailant before and was threatened with physical violence. 

Instead, the assailant and her daughters attacked Luna in the store while other employees tried to pull them away.

The store manager tried to calm the situation and took Luna to a deli counter in the back of the store to hide, but the assailant waited outside and called her daughters. 

The police were called to the scene, but the assailants had fled when they arrived. 

The incident is under investigation.

Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, an advocacy group representing nearly 4,000 stores, including supermarkets and bodegas in the New York metro area, said that politicians need to do more to protect workers. 

They called for City Hall and Albany leaders to step up and ensure that workers are safe and that customers can shop safely. 

Luna, who declined medical attention, is scared to return to work because her attackers are still on the loose and may return.

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