Discover Hidden Treasures in Immortals of Aveum The Pale Forest Adventure

Discover Hidden Treasures in Immortals of Aveum: The Pale Forest Adventure

Embark on a treasure hunt in Immortals of Aveum’s Pale Forest! Join Jak’s adventure to uncover Golden Chests and Shroudfanes in this exciting game world. Play now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC.

In the game Immortals of Aveum, you follow Jak, an upbeat hero called Triarch Magnus, who is determined to stop the Everwar. While you can help Jak with his mission, you can also do something fun—search for special things hidden all over Aveum.

Finding Special Things in the Pale Forest

In the sixth part of the game, Jak visits a magical place called the Pale Forest. There, players can find 10 Golden Chests and 2 Shroudfanes. These are like secret boxes and objects. However, be warned, some of them take work to reach. It would help if you had certain abilities and powers to get them. Moreover, you can only reach some once you reach a certain part of the story.

When to Get the Hidden Stuff

As Jak explores the Pale Forest, he will find a few Golden Chests on his first visit. However, most of them are tricky to get. It would help if you learned special abilities and powers while playing the game. The good news is you will naturally get these abilities as you go through the story.

How to Get the Special Things

Here’s a guide to help you find the hidden treasures:

  • Golden Chest #1 – Go to Windrift Pass and head northwest along the left wall. Use a special ability called Grapple to move along a special path. After a bit, you will find the first Golden Chest.
  • Shroudfane #1 – Turn southeast from the first chest, and you will see another hidden thing.
  • Golden Chest #2 – Go east and drop down. Then, go left through a doorway. The Golden Chest is in a building in the northeast corner. You have to jump to the entrance on the other side to get inside. You can do this by walking to a bridge, turning, and hovering.
  • Golden Chest #3 – Leave the building through a hole in the eastern wall. Follow the path until you find a small wooden bridge. Go south and jump over rocks. You can jump onto a wooden shed and then to a stone ledge. At the end, there is a Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest #4 & Shroudfane #2 – Keep going southeast along the train tracks. You will see a big circular door. Behind it, there is a Golden Chest and another special thing. To open the door, you need to do some magic stuff.
  • Golden Chest #5 – Find a small house to the north. Just like before, the entrance is at the back. It would help if you used your magic powers to jump onto things and get inside.
  • Golden Chest #6 – Go east to the next area. Follow the wall until you find a door. You can use your special ability to reach a hidden place with a Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest #7 – Go right to a lake from a certain point. Jump onto a rock, and you will see something you can do to get another Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest #8 – Jump onto a pier and use your special powers to get to another hidden place with a Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest #9 – Go to a courtyard near a tower. Use your powers to get inside a building and find another Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest #10 – Finally, go into the tower itself. Open a door with your magic powers and grab the last Golden Chest.

Enjoy the Hidden Treasures of Immortals of Aveum

Play Immortals of Aveum on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC. Join Jak on his journey and find all these cool things in the Pale Forest!

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