New Expansion for Retro FPS Game Amid Evil Adds Exciting Punching Action and Anime Flair

New Expansion for Retro FPS Game “Amid Evil” Adds Exciting Punching Action and Anime Flair

Experience the ultimate gaming punch in ‘Amid Evil’! Explore new levels, wield anime-inspired moves, and discover a world of fantasy fun in the exciting ‘Black Labyrinth’ update.


Imagine a video game that mixes the old style with the new in a cool way. That is what is happening with the game “Amid Evil.” It is like an old-school shooting game, but its latest update adds something unexpected: punching! And not just punches – the game now has a special move inspired by a famous anime. Let us dive into the details of this exciting new update that’s changing how people play games.

Big Punches and Anime Fun

“Amid Evil” is a game where you shoot and fight using fantasy weapons. However, with the new update called “The Black Labyrinth,” you can punch your enemies super satisfyingly. Moreover, there is a bonus – the game has added a special move referencing a popular anime called “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” This move makes punching in the game even more exciting and fun.

A Nod to Anime: Platinum Star Punch

The new update is called the “Gauntlets of the Platinum Star.” These are like special gloves that let your character do fast punches. If you are a fan of the “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” anime, you will notice that these punches are similar to the ones in the show. It is a fun tribute to anime and makes the game even more interesting.

More Fun and Challenges

The new “Black Labyrinth” update does not just add punches but also a bunch of other cool stuff. There are nine new levels to play, with different challenges and enemies. The game world becomes even more exciting and varied. This update is not just an addition but a big step forward in the game’s adventure.

Cool Places and Tough Enemies

The update makes the game’s environments look amazing. You will explore places like dark temples and tall towers near the sea. And guess what? There are new enemies to fight, like clouds that shoot lightning and strong dogs that do not like water attacks. It is like a whole new world to discover and conquer.

Strong Weapons and Special Moves

In this update, you also get new weapons to use. One of them is the “Void Scythe,” which can make enemies disappear really coolly. However, the show’s star is the “Platinum Star Gauntlets.” With these gloves, you can punch enemies quickly and powerfully, just like in the anime. These gloves also let you do special things in the game world, which adds more excitement.

A Journey of Imagination

The “Black Labyrinth” update is not just about fighting – it is also about telling a story through the game’s design. The update has two parts that tell a story before the original game. You play as a strong warrior on a mission to find a special axe. The story is simple, but the magical places and challenges make it fun.

Beautiful Graphics and Looking Ahead

“Amid Evil” has also improved how it looks. It uses a special technology that makes things look super realistic, like reflections in water and shiny surfaces. Even though it is not real, it is cool to look at. As games improve, “Amid Evil” shows how great they can look.


“Amid Evil” has done something exciting by mixing old, new, and even anime into its gameplay. With the “Black Labyrinth” update, the game has become even more fun and interesting. The punching moves, the cool places to explore, and the anime nod all come together to make an enjoyable game. So, if you are a gamer looking for a new adventure, “Amid Evil” is worth trying.

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