Drift Capital Launches Unique Investment Opportunity in Collectible Automobiles

Drift Capital Launches Unique Investment Opportunity in Collectible Automobiles

Discover Drift Capital’s innovative investment opportunity in collectible automobiles. Dive into a unique blend of automotive passion and financial expertise.

Drift Capital, LLC has taken a bold step in alternative asset management by launching its first-ever Drift Capital Fund I, LP (commonly called the “Drift Fund”). 

This pioneering initiative, the first in the US, offers accredited and institutional investors a golden chance to invest in an exquisite collection of modern and classic automobiles.

Eden J. L. Cooper, CFA Managing Partner of Drift Capital, expressed his excitement: “We are thrilled to unveil Drift Capital and our first Fund to the world. 

Collectible cars have shown resilience in maintaining value even during market downturns and have delivered impressive returns.

Our primary aim is to harness these benefits for our investors.”

Why Invest in Collectible Cars?

The core strategy of Drift Capital revolves around the Drift Automotive Returns Composite (DARC). 

This approach ensures that most of the Fund’s investments are directed towards blue-chip automobiles that have consistently outperformed over the past two decades. 

These selected cars have proven their worth in terms of demand, liquidity, and stability in value across various economic cycles.

A Growing Market

The collectible car market has witnessed exponential growth over the last 40 years. 

In 2022 alone, sales at collector car auctions exceeded a whopping $4.3 billion, as per data from Classic.com. 

The momentum is expected to continue, with the recent Monterey Car Week seeing a record sale of 1,220 cars, generating over $400 million in auction sales.

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However, investing in the right cars at the right price is a nuanced art. 

Storage, maintenance, and insurance challenges have often deterred potential investors. 

Drift Capital aims to bridge this gap by offering in-house automotive and investment expertise.

A Stellar Advisory Board

Drift Capital boasts an impressive advisory board, including Paul Kimball, a former executive at Morgan Stanley and ex-chairman of the Foreign Exchange Committee. 

Other notable members are Nilam Patel from MKP Capital and Michael Ricciardi from Mercury Capital Advisors.

Paul Kimball emphasized the importance of tangible assets in a global portfolio, noting, “Drift Capital’s focus on automobile investments presents a streamlined and well-curated approach to a fresh sector of the physical asset domain.”

About Drift Capital

Drift Capital stands at the intersection of automotive passion and investment acumen. 

Their Fund I offers investors a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a selection of globally recognized vehicles. 

The Fund is open to qualified accredited and institutional investors. 

For more details, visit driftcapital.com.

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