Lionel Messi's Injury Concerns Deepen as Inter Miami Triumphs Over Toronto

Lionel Messi’s Injury Concerns Deepen as Inter Miami Triumphs Over Toronto

Lionel Messi faces injury concerns as Inter Miami clinches a 4-0 victory over Toronto FC. Fans eagerly await updates on his availability for the U.S. Open Cup final.

In a shocking turn of events, Lionel Messi was forced to leave the field due to an injury during Inter Miami’s impressive 4-0 victory over Toronto FC in the MLS on Wednesday. 

The 36-year-old football legend was replaced at the 37-minute mark by coach Gerardo’ Tata’ Martino, leaving fans and spectators confused.

Messi’s Recent Injury Woes

This is not the first time Messi has faced injury concerns recently. 

He was notably absent from Miami’s loss to Atlanta the previous weekend. 

Furthermore, he had also missed Argentina’s commendable 3-0 victory against Bolivia during the recent international break. 

The nature of his injury remained undisclosed until now.

Coach Martino Sheds Light on Messi’s Condition

In a post-match update, Martino provided clarity on the situation. 

Messi and Jordi Alba, another key player for Miami who was substituted in the first half, are ruled out for the upcoming match against Orlando City on Sunday.

“We have to go day by day, see the medical report, see what they tell us,” Martino expressed. He emphasized the need for caution, stating, “Obviously, there is no chance they will play on Sunday.”

Delving deeper into Messi’s condition, Martino revealed, “In principle, it is a scar from an old injury that’s bothering him. The image brought with him from Argentina showed no muscular injury. We also preserved him [against Atlanta] because of that scar.”

He added, “I think it is the same thing; it is not a muscular injury. However, I am saying that more than anything because of my talk with him. Maybe we need to be more cautious than what I am saying.”

Martino’s commitment to the well-being of his players was evident when he remarked, “I know we have a final, but in no way will they step on the field if they are not in conditions to do so.”

The Big Question: Will Messi Play in the Open Cup Final?

With Messi and Alba sidelined for the Orlando City match, all eyes are now on the U.S. Open Cup final against Houston Dynamo next Wednesday. 

The match, scheduled to be broadcast live at 8:30 pm ET on Peacock and Telemundo en Espanol, is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Miami supporters and football enthusiasts worldwide (barring Houston Dynamo fans) are fervently hoping for Messi’s speedy recovery to witness his magic in the Open Cup final.

The team’s management is treading carefully, especially with the Open Cup final on the horizon. 

Miami is currently on the brink of securing a playoff spot in the MLS and is a favorite to clinch another trophy just two months into Messi’s tenure.

However, the team’s priority remains the health and well-being of its star player. 

Kudos to Martino for his steadfast approach, especially when the temptation to play Messi might be overwhelming for many

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