Man with Three Wives Makes Headlines on Reality TV Show

Man with Three Wives Makes Headlines on Reality TV Show

Nick Davis became famous after appearing on the reality TV show “Seeking Sister Wife” with his three wives.

The 38-year-old man met his first wife, April, at university 15 years ago, and they welcomed Jennifer into their marriage nine years later.

The unusual arrangement sees the three women working while Nick stays at home, and April says she is happy having extra women in the relationship to meet Nick’s “needs.”

According to April, Nick is a lot to handle both in bed and in general, so having helping hands is nice.

Nick likes to be snuggled up in the middle of his wives at night, but sex always occurs in a different area of the home with each wife.

Last year, the polyamorous family welcomed 22-year-old Danielle into their family, and Nick committed to her in a wedding ceremony with his other two wives by his side.

The Davis family grew even more after Jennifer gave birth to their first child, Vera, in June last year.

Nick also has an older teenage son from a previous relationship.

Danielle says she did not think happiness existed until she found a love like this, and Nick says he is “living the dream” with his three wives.

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